Seeing Signs In The Sky

One night many years ago, I was driving home after completing my second shift job. As I got within a mile or two, I looked up and something like I had never seen was going on in the sky. There were waves and formations spreading out in translucent colors. It was surreal. The only possible […]

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Astrology’s Missing Context

For most of my life I was the poster child of my astrological sign, Leo. I’m not going to go into the typical characteristics of the lion here, but if you are moderately familiar with the signs, you understand what I was like. I never really got into horoscopes or looking at how my sign […]

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Trey Smith – CCT Review

The first time I encountered Trey Smith was during a period in which I was looking for commentary on the “The Book of Enoch.” I had read the majority of it and exhausted most of the results google could offer. The content within the pages of the book and all I had read checked out […]

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Deep And Hidden Things

I often get accused of overthinking and overanalyzing things. This is accurate on a myriad of levels. The error in people’s perceptions regarding my behavior lies not in my actions, however, but in my intentions. I do not choose to think so deeply about anything. It is a consequence of my personality to do so […]

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Revisiting 9/11 Objectively

Like just about everyone I know or will ever meet, I’ll never forget where I was when the airplanes hit the twin towers on 9/11. I was asleep on my young daughter’s bedroom floor for some reason, and my dad’s voice on the answering machine drew me out of slumber. I remember that as I […]

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What Apocalyptic Dreams May Come

We are a global community obsessed with dreams. Our minds lay out such comprehensive and curious worlds that we cannot imagine they are randomly generated or purposeless. Therefore we ponder them deeply. We consider what we may have encountered or ate that day to cause them. With hope we relay them to friends and family […]

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