About The Editor

My name is Brandon. This blog is a culmination of soul searching and studies that have all brought me back to the book and faith I was introduced to as a child.

In my life, I have suffered great tragedy and upheaval, as well as unknowingly battled narcissism within on a level that would make Narcissist himself look humble. I am hoping that the tragedy and upheaval have effectively dealt with the narcissism, because I can’t dwell on the prospect of more pain. That, however, isn’t my call.

My mental travels have taken me at great length to and through libraries full of philosophy, psychology, theology and much in-between. While all of those things only served to bring me back decades later to The Bible, many of the minds I encountered along the way will bleed through in my writings. Names such as Jung, Hesse, Kierkegaard, Descartes, Dostoevesky and Camus to name just a few.

More recently I draw from such names as Michael Heiser, Rob Skiba, Trey Smith and Ken Johnson. These men have podcasts, youtube videos and books that have offered amazing context for me as far as illuminating the Bible and my faith. They don’t agree on a lot of things, but we are all human, and are only required to know a few basic things. They do agree on those.

For those that understand this language, I am a solid INFJ, as well as a 4w5. I have a beautiful family, and an unfortunate draw to melancholy music and literature that I hope to break free from one day. Writing seems to be the only thing I’m decent at, and most days I’m not even good at that.

My goal in life is to lose my ego and will, allowing God to supplant it with His, while drawing glory and attention to the truth that Jesus “the agent of creation” provides.

God bless.


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