Seeing Signs In The Sky

One night many years ago, I was driving home after completing my second shift job. As I got within a mile or two, I looked up and something like I had never seen was going on in the sky. There were waves and formations spreading out in translucent colors. It was surreal. The only possible conclusion I could draw was that it was the end of the world. That’s how unusual what I was seeing appeared, and consequentially how it affected me. I immediately began praying, asking God to just let me please get home to be with my wife and young daughter before the really bad stuff began. A short while later I got home and picked up the phone to ask my grandma if she had seen it too. She explained to me that on this particular night, in a very rare occurrence, the northern lights were supposed to be visible in my part of the Midwest. That made sense. Still, I had never seen anything like it and had no basis of comparison for it.

“I will show wonders in the sky above and signs on the earth below, blood and fire and billows of smoke.” – Acts 2:19

I have seen things in the sky. I’m not saying that it’s the things that are being spoken of in Acts or any other book of the Bible. All I know is I’ve seen things. The first notable of these was when I watched a wall of fog thicker than a cloud move one night towards, around and then above me. Once there, it made a symmetrical formation and moved to the East. As it drifted a good distance, it proceeded to take the shape of a phoenix I saw a few months prior in an apocalyptic dream I had. That got my attention.

A couple of years ago and shortly after that first experience, I was going through a rough transition in my life. Everything changed, from my location to my occupation. Once every couple of weeks, while I would be making a long drive that I had to frequently in those days, I would have a breakdown. Overwhelmed, anxiety and despair would grip me, and the next thing I knew I would be whimpering. On two occasions when this happened, the two worst that I remember, I looked up at the most desperate moment. Both times there was an anomaly of sorts in the sky. It was never very big and always had the coloration and appearance of how gasoline looks when it leaks into a puddle on the ground. One color might have been different or more prevalent, but that was the closest thing I could compare it to. I texted and called a couple of people, asking them to go look and tell me if they saw it too. They didn’t. At the times, I thought maybe they were gifts. Just God letting me know that at my darkest moments He was there. I’m not saying that’s what happened. They were just my best guesses.

Following the first of these instance, I had taken to social media and announced what I saw, thinking maybe someone on there would have seen it too. While no one had, someone I’m friends with sent me a link about an anomaly in the sky somewhere over South America asking if that was what I saw or similar. It had a picture with it that someone had taken, and while similar, it was much larger and more profound than the one I saw. I have since seen many videos and reports trickle out on the internet showing similar things. All of these things in addition to blood moons and formations of bright lights forming and then leaving at light speed in various places around the world.

A couple of months ago, I was driving home on what was to prove a very difficult day, though I didn’t know it at the time. As I was driving, I noticed a fraction of a rainbow to the left of the sun. Since I had a way to go, and there wasn’t much scenery, I watched it for a while as it was directly out my front windshield. Eventually I recognized another part of it, presumably the top, going over the sun. While I knew it was an illusion, I thought it was pretty notable as I’d never seen that before. I love variations in the sky, and will often stop my car to take a picture of a rainbow or even lose sleep the next day to catch a meteor shower. Driving a bit further, I noticed two more fragments of the rainbow. One was to the right of the sun, and the other was curving underneath it. I was blown away. From the pieces I could see between the clouds, there was a rainbow encircling the sun. Seldom do I start proclaiming such things publicly, as I learned in those earlier instances no one else sees them, and that in addition there is little to no interest in the fact that I am or have.

What do these things mean? I know I’m seeing them. Their presence and existence isn’t in question. Often, I find myself craving the end. Not necessarily of my life specifically, but of time and of this place. This world is so far off track and twisted. In recent months when I see something like these “signs in the sky,” I get hopeful for a moment. Then I get somewhat sad, because none of these anomalies have been followed by the “agent of creation,” my savior. It may be a slow build and these things may still be relevant, thus I can keep the sadness at bay with the hope that I am told to have. We are, after all, told to keep watch as well.


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