Astrology’s Missing Context

For most of my life I was the poster child of my astrological sign, Leo. I’m not going to go into the typical characteristics of the lion here, but if you are moderately familiar with the signs, you understand what I was like. I never really got into horoscopes or looking at how my sign was to interact with others, but the sheer accuracy of mine kept me slightly engaged, at least as far as believing there was some validity to it.

A few years ago, as I had sojourned through as much parapsychology and metaphysical philosophy as was available to me in a relatively short amount of time, I found myself starting to consider astrology. I had seen many people on social media making constant observations about society at any given moment using terminology I recognized as astrological, but was unfamiliar with. What got me, was that often they seemed to be startlingly accurate. Thus, I decided it was time to consider it for myself. I had simply a genuine desire to continually understand the perceived reality in which I was existing.

“This is what the Lord says: Do not learn the ways of the nations or be terrified by signs in the sky, though the nations are terrified by them.” – Jeremiah 10:2

It didn’t take very long after this that I found a stark warning against it in the Bible. I wasn’t looking for one, and it wasn’t that verse above. Whatever I saw was blatant and strong enough to destroy my stubbornly typical Leo the lion like determination. I put the whole thing to bed in my head, but that didn’t mean I didn’t believe that there was still something credible to astrology and its way to either map or predict events.

There is, however, the issue that apparently the signs are getting an overhaul. This means that the dates are set to shift dramatically, stripping many people of their long beloved astrological identification, and ascribing them a new one. Apparently there is an entirely unique one being added. With this being the case, how can they be trusted or accurate? I have heard accounts from more than one academic theologian regarding the calendar itself getting messed up a long time ago. I’ve even heard it said this was a prophecy. My point here is that while there may be truth to what the sky is telling us, we may not be equipped to interpret it properly. This could be due to both a limited understanding of the cosmos, as well us an erroneous understanding of the calendar.

There is no shortage of references in the Bible to people reading and looking to the stars. It is, after all, how several were led to Jesus in his youth. As well, many interpret prophetic verses through the lens of the constellations. Certain descriptions and imagery of fantastical sounding things can be read to mean that an event occurred or occurs when this constellation moves this or that way through another one. Sometimes, it can even involve more than one constellation, which can give extremely accurate insight into when something happened. I’ve heard some pretty amazing explanations behind this. Often in the Bible, pagan kings or whoever, opt to consult their astrologers among other groups of people like magicians and sorcerers. It is no secret that many of these ancient cultures revered and used these practices. If you listen to someone who was heavily in the occult in modern day, they will tell you there is most certainly something to witchcraft and the like. This being the case, I would expect the same to be true of astrology.

What is generally the problem with such vague and elusive practices is our finitude. We don’t have the context or understanding to use or control such resources adequately. This may be by design, or it may be a consequence of the direction that humanity has taken since creation was laid out with all of its intricacies. I personally don’t doubt that God speaks and announces through the stars, either intentionally, or as a consequence of how he laid the cosmos out in its relation to the divine realm. There may be those that have the ability to read it accurately, or at least infer some things from it. However, without a complete understanding, their interpretation is going to be shortsighted or skewed. To lean on or look to a system that is broken is asking to become collateral damage. We are warned to stay away from such things, and in all likelihood for our own benefit. Faith is a reliance on God directly. It isn’t easy, but when we step outside of it to find help or answers, it is no longer faith.

I suspect one day we will have these secrets revealed to us. The veil will be lifted on such things as astrology and sorcery, and not only will we understand it, but we will understand why we were told to leave it alone.



One thought on “Astrology’s Missing Context

  1. I have dabbled with the occult and New Age Practises for years before being saved. I found out the hard way that by engaging in these pracises, I had given Demons legal rights into my life to torment me. When you engage in witchraft or sorcery, you are making a pact with familiar spirits who will gain more control over your life depending on how deep you get entrenched in the occult. It is dangerous and you end up Showing alliance to Satan instead of the God of Abraham. God is only trying to pretect us from a world that we don’t understand. You dont want to angage with or get entangled with Principalities and Fallen Angels; they are highly sophisticated and powerful beings who will manipulate you and then eventually destroy you.

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