Trey Smith – CCT Review

The first time I encountered Trey Smith was during a period in which I was looking for commentary on the “The Book of Enoch.” I had read the majority of it and exhausted most of the results google could offer. The content within the pages of the book and all I had read checked out as historical and theologically legitimate, but the dogma that plagues us all insisted I keep researching. Turning to YouTube, Trey was one of the first results offered.

At first blush, Trey appears ready made to slide into a role in any movie that needs an off the grid conspiracy nut. He’s excitable, his hair is somewhat unruly and the little you can see of the spot from which he records his videos looks like it was bought at an AM radio surplus store. I had no idea who or what I was watching. A few short minutes into the low production video, however, and I was engulfed. Those things that initially caused me to pause have become my favorite things about his operation, which he’s named the “God in a Nutshell project.”

Trey’s backstory is quite peculiar and fascinating. At some point in his life, several years ago, he broke into a house and stole the safe of a famed and rich televangelist. There are extensive and specific events that led up to him doing such a thing, but those details can be found in a book he penned on the events called, “Thieves: One dirty TV pastor and the man who robbed him.” At the end of one of the videos I watched, the Enoch one I believe, there is a moderately short and fascinating clip supporting the book that does a good job of laying out the content.

By the time I was done watching Trey’s video on “The Book of Enoch,” I was ready for more. Ready for more of his contagious passion and sincerity on just about any topic. His approach and angle are different than anything out there, yet he is methodical and thorough in his review of as many angles as there are. He employs a plethora of individuals in his videos, often via phone or video chat, and they are always informative and on point. Trey is articulate with his words, supporting them with atypical yet entertaining hand gestures and tone variations.

Another of Trey’s videos I watched was titled “Entities: The Unveiling.” Most of what you can find of the “God in a Nutshell” project on YouTube are promotional videos for DVD sets, but they are both lengthy and substantive enough to keep you engaged and curious. “Entities” has a particularly dark tone, but that is both intentional and relevant to the content matter, as well as the times. Dealing mostly with firsthand accounts of “things that go bump in the night,” topics such as aliens, drug induced experiences and occult activity are discussed as experienced by those who have been involved in them. Not long into it, and I was thankful I wasn’t watching alone. On a side note, as someone who witnessed a possession and exorcism in his youth and experimented for several years with psychedelics and hallucinogens, I can attest to the validity of this content and its importance.

One of the things that continually draws me back to Trey Smith’s videos is his sincerity. There is nothing blatant that would cause one to question his beliefs as far as a fundamental Bible believing foundation goes. He is both knowledgeable in his faith and consistent in his approach to the content found within the Bible. His ability to integrate concepts and facts found outside the traditional walls of a Sunday sermon is largely seamless, aided by the format and presentation style of his videos.

Calling out my bias, I as an individual gravitate towards outliers. This makes Trey especially appealing to me and I can’t imagine many topics, Biblical or otherwise, that I wouldn’t want to hear his unique perspective on. If you enjoy or are intrigued by end times prophecy and considerations, Trey is essential. You will see and hear a new kind of commentary on things you are familiar with, as well as offered context on many things you likely are not. He has become a regular part of my rotation, and almost inevitably when I can’t settle on a topic or person, he is my default go to. You can find Trey on various forms of social media I have linked below.




Twitter: TreySmith_Book



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