God’s Hidden Mysteries

Several years ago, I found myself in deep contemplation over a common notion we speak of almost daily. I didn’t know what instigated it, but I found myself constantly dwelling on “intent.” It was peculiar to me, because there was nothing I’d heard or seen to cause me to start considering it from different angles. As a consequence of my personality, when something creeps in and takes hold of my mind, there is no forcing it out or letting it go until I’ve followed it as far as I can or seems necessary.

“He made known to us the mystery of His will, according to His kind intention which He purposed in Him.” – Ephesians 1:9

Sometime later I was reading a book about different philosophies and how they can be applied to everyday activities. When I got to the chapter on taking a bath or shower, I was engrossed. The shower has always been my spot for deep thinking. I spend the majority of my time arms crossed and lost somewhere in my mind until the hot water is inevitably gone. At the end of this particular chapter, something seized me and wouldn’t let go. The author relayed a story about a Japanese scientist who had claimed he had proven that intentions can affect the health of water. In regards to our symbiotic relationship with water, as well as its overwhelming presence in our bodies and world, the implications would be impossible to overemphasize. Was this it? Was this why my mind wouldn’t release its death grip on intent?

One day while I was at work, an intelligent friend of mine with whom I had shared numerous deep conversations came through and stopped to talk with me. I began telling him about what I’d read and how it seemed to fit with this unexplainable preoccupation I had. After a few moments, he began to realize that not only was he familiar with the concept, but that a companion had given him a book written by the scientist. A day or two later he arrived back at the store with the book and handed it off to me. That weekend I picked it up out of curiosity, and didn’t set it down again until hours later when I’d inadvertently read the whole thing. I was blown away.

This man claimed that in a clinical setting they had written messages that harbored various intentions and placed them on glasses of water. After a set amount of time, they would crystalize the water and look at it under a microscope. Allegedly, the formations would reflect the messages taped to the glass. If it was a positive or uplifting message, the crystals were beautiful. If it was a negative message, the crystals were ugly. Water that had been exposed to specific scenarios or locations seemed to harbor relevant images as well. In essence, the research seemed to indicate that the water possessed a mapping quality. The scientist laid out an intricate amount of examples and details from commonly known generic and scientific facts that appeared to support his claim. Many have disputed and attacked the research and theory, unable to replicate it. I’m not one to naively buy into something. I spent a great deal of time looking for criticism of his claims. I didn’t need to be convinced that his work isn’t a pseudoscience, however, because I knew intuitively and in my heart that there was something more profound behind an individual’s intentions. I didn’t and still don’t need this scientist to be right. I just needed someone to put out a theory that was plausible enough for me to make sense of the elusive notions plaguing me. Almost as soon as the next day, I began practicing this new method in tangible ways. From behind the counter where I worked in retail, I set forth to subconsciously and consciously project good intentions to even the nastiest customer. By consequence or chance, it offered amazing results.

Not long after I finished the book and set it down, I began thinking about it in terms of the Bible. Effortlessly I found scores of examples in which water played a vital role in major events, as well as in direct and intentional miracles. Several of these were at the hands of Jesus. I also began considering how water is used in metaphors and lessons throughout the scriptures. The Bible also talks often about great mysteries. To me, this was a perfect example. If God wanted to put a system in place that caused our world to reflect the conditions of our heart without micromanaging us, this would be an amazing example. With water so prevalent in so many forms, we literally can’t get away from it. If our intentions affect the health of water, we literally can’t get away from that either. We can lie and put on a show for those around us, but we cannot hide our hearts from God. Perhaps God doesn’t allow us to hide them anywhere else either.


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